About Us

Babyfied Apparel is a family business owned and operated in Toronto, Ontario since 2018. Our mission is to provide premium quality accessories for the modern baby. With an emphasis on classic and simple designs, all Babyfied Apparel products are safe for baby and made to last. 
It all started after our first baby was born. We searched long and hard for the perfect slouchy baby beanie hat. Everything we tried was either too stiff, too snug, or only came in bold colours and patterns. We couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a beanie that fit well, was soft and slouchy, and came in simple, classic colours. So, we set out to make our own.

As we were testing out our new beanies on our little one, we realized that they would look way cooler with a pair of sunnies too - the ultimate cool combo. And that’s when Babyfied Apparel was born! To this day, all Babyfied Apparel products are tried and tested by our little ones, ensuring the best products for yours.